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Finding the right freight solution can make the difference between profit and loss when importing and exporting products.

That’s why Import Export Experts offers services to ensure that your freight solution combines the best possible price, and shipment transit times.

Import Export Experts will:

  • Gather 3-5 Freight Forwarder/Courier cost estimations (depending on the nature of your business and needs).
  • Leverage our extensive network of specialist service providers to further optimize cost.
  • Ensures that all import and export declarations are done correctly and that all the shipment information is correctly declared.
  • Conduct a comprehensive, pre-shipment investigation to determine what duty and VAT Reduction instruments or methods can be applied to reduce your costs to an absolute minimum.
  • Freight is one of the most significant, but also the most manageable aspects of an import and export venture – contact us today to get the most efficient, and lowest cost import and export solution.

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