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Getting your Company Import Export Ready

  • We will tailor a strategy to suit your specific product or service.
  • Our research will be used to optimize your exact import and export market.
  • We will determine the risks involved in importing and exporting your product.
  • The correct documentation will be provided regarding inspections for your product.
  • We will determine the risks and hazards of the country to which you are planning to import from or export to.
  • Provide you with information concerning documentation which could mean lowering of duties and VAT.
  • We will assist with the registration of your product or service for possible rebates.
  • We will determine the most suitable method of transportation for your product and this will need specialist input from our company which we shall provide.
  • We will ensure that your packaging and labelling are suitable for international transportation.
  • We will determine whether your specific product meets the requirements of the country of export