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Will your import or export shipment arrive in a day? A week? A year? Or… ever?

It’s an important (and too common) question, especially with perishable items.

Choosing the right service providers is the key to reducing and optimizing your shipment times, and Import Export Experts provides services to do exactly that.

We keep your shipments’ transit times to an absolute minimum.

Import Export Experts will:

  • Keep you informed, with detailed updates at every step of the shipment process.
  • Conduct comprehensive and detailed pre-shipment planning to minimize/eliminate any potential blockages which may occur in the shipping process.
  • Ensure all shipments are precleared to reduce the shipment time.
  • Ensure all required inspections are pre-authorised before the shipping process starts.
  • Shipment transit time optimization is key, no matter what you’re shipping. Your product depends on it, and so do your contracts. Let us help you realize the most efficient import or export shipments – contact us today!

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